us on dogsHi! Welcome to our blog! Around here we are known as The Pilot and The Wife.

We started this joint blog to talk about the airline life, how its different, how its the same, and how we deal with it.

We all make sacrifices, have challenges in our lives, and overcome obstacles in our own way. That is true for everyone.

This is just our story about:  My dream, that became our dream, that became our reality, the sacrifices we both made along the way, the stories many people don’t get the chance to begin, and insight we might offer other airline couples that are about to start a tough journey called marriage-to-an-airline.  We would like to think, this is not about us, but more about what we wish we would have known before we jumped in with both feet…

So, that’s us in a nutshell. What about you? What’s your story?

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