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CIMG0078We are not two peas in a pod, or high school sweet hearts.  We do not share political views, or even like the same kind of movies.  The pilot likes to spend his spare time tinkering, fixing, or just plane busy.  The wife prefers: quite time with her boys, a movie to make her cry, a day outside reading a book, or just a long walk to take in the fresh air.

We met the traditional way – online.  Destined to live his life alone the pilot spent nights alone, or in a bar in small towns where everyone knew everyone.  His time off was spent traveling home to see family, and visit with old friends that had moved on.  The wife met people through church, and friends, and rarely went to bar.

So, how did E-Harmony match up these two polar opposites?  We don’t know, and frankly, we don’t care.  It’s refreshing to constantly discover who you love.  To learn new things, To boldly go where no man has gone before…  WAIT A MINUTE.  I’ve heard that before.  Is that from Star Trek.  Imagine quote marks around the previous statement, and disregard it – in it’s entirety.

Through our travels together, we have conquered what many relationships have not endured.  Maybe we learned a thing or two.  This is our story.




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